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Resources for you and your family

Penni Johnston-Gill - Apr 04, 2020
The purpose of the articles below are to help you keep your children busy during these unprecedented times. We have included links to math, reading, science, art, and geography websites that can help stimulate learning for your young ones.  

Resources for you and your family

COVID-19: Tips for navigating children’s screen time during social distancing  - Adult

Scholastic Learn at Home - All Ages

CoolMath4Kids - Age 12 and under

At-home science experiments - All Ages

National Geographic for Kids - Age 10+

Free art lessons - Age 10+

Virtual museum tours - All Ages


Other Online Resources

BrainPop - All Ages 

Curiosity Stream - All Ages

Tynker - All Ages

Outschool Inc - All Ages

Udemy - All Ages

Beast Academy - Ages 8-13

iReady - All Ages

Khan Academy - All Ages

Discovery Education - All Ages


YouTube Channels

Crash Course Kids - Age 10+

SciShow Kids - Age 5+

National Geographic Kids - All Ages

Free School  - All Ages

SciShow - Age 10+

Kids Learning Tube - Age 5+


Additional Websites  


Hope you are staying safe and healthy!